Rosin Bag

A rosin bag is a soft pouch that’s filled with rosin powder. It keeps your hands dry and prevents blisters. Almost all serious baseball pitchers and many other players in the game rely in the rosin bag to give their grip strength and keep painful blisters off their hands. Some of the many good uses of rosin bags include:

  • Use the rosin bag to pitch. The rosin bag’s most famous use is for baseball pitchers who need dry hands to correctly grip and throw the ball. Keep a fresh rosin bag behind the mound for easy access. After each pitch, or whenever you feel your hands getting clammy, grab the rosin bag in your pitching hand and give it a squeeze. Dust off excess powder and get ready to play ball.
  • Use rosin bags for batting. Rosin bags aren’t just helpful for throwing a baseball, they’re also good for hitting one. Batters frequently use the rosin bag on both hands before they bat. Use slightly more powder on your hands than a pitcher does so a little bit of the rosin gets onto the bat. Take a firm grip, make sure your hands are dry and step up to the plate.
  • Keep a rosin bag near the bowling lane. If you find that slippery hands are throwing off your bowling game just put a small bag next to the lane. You can lightly powder both hands to get extra traction on the bowling ball each time you bowl. Many bowlers find that the rosin bag is more useful than the usual bowling towel or cloth.
  • Keep a rosin bag with you. If you find yourself to prey to clammy hands, especially at the most inopportune time, then keep a rosin bag with you wherever you go. Rosin bags are extremely cheap and very effective. So, place a rosin bag in a small plastic zip-lock bag and keep the rosin in a backpack, at the office or in your purse. Give your hands a light dusting and then wipe them off on a towel to stay dry and comfortable.
  • Make or refill your rosin bags. Rosin bags are small pouches made of cotton fabric. Make them or refill them with rosin powder. Some users may mix rosin powder with talcum to reduce the grip and increase the dryness.

Where to Buy Rosin?

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